For whom are comprehensive interior finishes?

For whom are comprehensive interior finishes?

At a time of relatively cheapest credit in history and still relatively low prices in the property market, many people are choosing to invest in the capital of their own homes – both those who already own them and those who are just starting to look around for them. The increasing value of a square metre of space definitely encourages prospective buyers to make bold decisions, which in turn prompts potential investors to trade up. We suggest how to increase the market value of a flat at a low cost and how to furnish your new premises.

Flats on the primary market

Obviously, every buyer has slightly different requirements and possibilities, but the first steps are usually directed to the developer. This is understandable, as it is the only way to acquire a 100% new home that can be furnished exactly as the future owner wishes. The contractor usually hands over the flat in its raw state, which means that a turnkey finish will be necessary, for which a team of professionals must be hired. Choosing the right service is very important – especially when you are decorating your future home. A full-service company is definitely the best option. This will allow us to save not only time but also money, and thanks to proper support at each stage of the project, also gain confidence in the right choice and quality of the executed order. The result is a flat that is ready to move into and meets our expectations.

Flats on the secondary market

Second-hand flats are slightly different – in this case we do not have to finish them turnkey. There is, of course, the possibility of buying a sub-standard property and carrying out a general refurbishment, but generally the purchaser compromises on the finish and plans the modernisation at a later date. Buying a flat and the so-called “going it alone” is more important, and the question of adapting the space to one’s own needs becomes secondary. The good news is that unhurriedly, in small steps, you can furnish yourself in the way you dream. But the best advice is as follows: it’s better to invest in a decent project, which you will gradually implement over the coming months or even years, than to throw yourself into interior decoration on your own – this way you can not only avoid many basic mistakes, but also save a lot of money on unnecessary repairs or the purchase of non-functional equipment.

Investment flats

The situation is different when a flat is bought for investment purposes. Regardless of the type of market, it is then necessary to bring it into the best possible condition. The rule of thumb is simple – the more beautifully and functionally a property is furnished, the more expensive it is to sell. Of course, there is a certain risk that we don’t match the individual preferences of each potential buyer, but there is still a good chance that we can sell the property without any problems and make a substantial profit. So there are well-known ways to invest in both brand new and old, perhaps somewhat neglected but certainly harbouring some potential flat. Properties on the primary market are usually beautiful and modern designs, but on the secondary market you can find a much cheaper and well-located gem. In both variants, complex interior finishing will be necessary, and in both you can certainly count on a considerable profit.


Regardless of the purpose and the market or price segment for which we are buying a flat, it is always worth investing in making a decent design and hiring a team of professionals to carry it out for us in the right way – and it is definitely best to find someone who will take care of this comprehensively. This is really the only right way to make a profitable investment or to adapt a property to your needs. A freehold flat is a very important part of most of our lives, so it’s worth approaching buying or selling one with common sense.