Primary market flat design

Primary market flat design

When we buy a flat on the primary market, we usually receive a certain sample interior design scheme from the developer. Of course, it can be very helpful – especially when you are deciding to buy, as it gives you an idea of what the property is capable of – but it should not be taken as a ready-made solution. It is far better to have a professional architect design the space, who will present us with several options from which we can choose the one that best suits our needs.

Why order a flat design?

There are at least several reasons… Above all, it is worth turning to a designer to avoid any arrangement or finishing errors, which are easy to eliminate at the stage of construction work, but may be very difficult to remove later. In particular, we are talking about the distribution of electricity and moving partition walls, the arrangement of which will determine the functional layout of your flat. It should be borne in mind that the developer’s project assumes the furnishing of the space in a standardised manner, which may make it significantly more difficult to adapt particular solutions to the buyer’s individual needs. A design commissioned from an architect, on the other hand, will take into account all the requirements of the occupants and can therefore produce a far more comfortable result. Individual consultations and the possibility to choose from several options presented by the architect to the customer are also very important in cooperation with a design office.

How will our cooperation look like?

Basically, the design of a flat is intended to make its occupants as comfortable as possible, which is why cooperation with an architect begins with individual consultations. During the meeting, not only the expectations but also the possibilities of the customer are discussed. Among other things, the architect will ask about our plans for the space and our budget. It is definitely worth listening to the advice of someone who has already furnished many flats and has a lot of experience. Once the rules of cooperation are established, the architect should present us with several variants of the functional layout of the space – this is the moment when we decide on possible corrections in the size and shape of individual rooms. We then choose the style of finish and receive a sample visualisation, as well as technical drawings and a cost estimate for the work and materials. If all aspects suit us, we can move on to implementation.

Turnkey flat finishing

When choosing an architect, it is worth looking for someone who will literally guide us through the successive stages of the project, accompanying us from the moment we choose the style, through the execution of the design and interior arrangement, to the supervision and finalisation of the order. In this case, the best solution is someone who provides comprehensive services, i.e. in addition to the project itself, he will also offer turnkey finishing of the flat. This solution is ideal especially for those who do not have time to fully engage in the process of interior design, but at the same time appreciate high quality and do not want to overpay for materials and services. Cooperation with the contractor is then based on the principle of transparency of costs and technological options adapted to the expectations of the customer. Such services are usually covered by a guarantee, which is a definite advantage. In conclusion, the execution and realisation of a flat project with one team gives the opportunity to reach solutions that are actually out of reach for people who decide to use the services of different companies. By staying in constant contact with the designer, who is also our contractor, it is possible to keep certain costs relatively low, which will allow us – for example – to make a customised kitchen or lay better quality tiles in the bathroom. Everything is to be agreed with our chosen designer.