Turnkey flat finishing – what does it consist in?

Turnkey flat finishing – what does it consist in?

When deciding to buy a property for personal use, a potential buyer should pay attention not only to its quality but also to its price. For the sake of their wallets, many people buy flats in the raw state – then both the choice of professionals and materials rests with the owner. Not everyone has the expertise to carry out renovations, so consider other options. The property development market has developed and experienced companies are able to offer a comprehensive finishing service. One of them is the turnkey finishing of a flat. The service involves not only buying a property but also preparing it for moving in. The turnkey standard involves purchasing a property from a developer, which will be ready to move into. The responsibility for hiring specialists or selecting materials lies with the developer’s representative. This service is available to both customers financing the investment with their own funds and credit.


Finishing of houses

What is a turnkey finish? The process consists of several steps and is extremely simple. Initially, the customer selects a style and package from the company’s range. The choice of the basic option guarantees such finishing operations as laying the floor, painting the walls and installing contacts, but an experienced developer will be able to realise an individual project. The next step will be the so-called arrangement meeting, i.e. a conversation between the developer supervising the renovation (known as the caretaker) and the customer on the expectations with regard to the property. Work on a residential conversion can take between 3-6 months and this is dependent on the complexity of the project. The final step is to hand over the keys to the renovated premises to the owner.

Turnkey flat finishing – strengths

Is it better to buy an unfinished or turnkey flat? It all depends on your point of view. First of all, the developer’s house finishes will allow for better time management – the buyer relieves himself of the responsibility regarding hiring a finishing team and lets the developer take action. Organisation of a renovation on your own is time-consuming, which can be aggravating for people who combine buying a property with their day job. In addition, an independent renovation will probably take longer. This is due to the complex organisation of the work of development companies – the caretakers want all the work to be done as quickly and as well as possible, because the customer cannot wait for long. When deciding on the turnkey standard, it is worth remembering that the project is created thanks to the work of specialists hired by the developer. This can have a positive impact on the buyer’s psychological well-being, as keeping an eye on the progress of work or the quality of service could be problematic. When this responsibility rests with the carer, the owner is less burdened with problems.

Valuation of flat finishing

It is worth remembering that the cost of finishing is a component of many factors. In order to avoid misunderstandings, a full valuation is carried out at the outset, so that the investor knows whether he can afford to finance the entire project. The price is determined by estimating the area of the flat and choosing a package, i.e. a set of services offered by the developer. Offers vary in quality and standard of materials used, so it is important to familiarise yourself in advance with the options on offer. The price of each package includes the costs of creating the project, hiring professionals, purchasing building materials and solving logistical problems (e.g. waste disposal, cleaning up the property after the renovation). Proven agencies will also allow the development of bespoke residential plans, but this solution may incur greater costs for the owner. When deciding on a turnkey flat finish, it is worth paying attention to the numerous services that are provided on the property development market and determining your own needs. Before working with an office, the buyer should develop a detailed budget plan to ascertain the maximum cost of the investment they are able to finance.