What is a professional valuation of flat finishing?

What is a professional valuation of flat finishing?

Prices for construction and renovation services have been on an upward trend in recent years. The main reason for this can certainly be found in the fact that more and more professionals are going abroad to work. However, proper pricing and design of the planned measures can be a key step in getting the property looking its best. The total cost of the work that is contracted out to a team depends on the region, the scope and quality of the work, the size of the property and whether the service can be carried out at all. The more complex the work, interfering with the original state of the interior, the higher the total price of the renovation will be. However, a well-finished flat, for the arrangement of which high-quality materials have been used, is the dream of every owner.

What are the mistakes to avoid when making a professional quote for a finish?

One of the priorities of the renovation and construction industry is to ensure the safety of works and high quality of services offered. Professionals, who have been working in their field for years know how important it is for the contractor to bring the property into a comfortable and functional state. The basis for any action taken is an appropriate valuation of the flat finish. This gives the owner a property to move into without having to worry about any improvements. That is why it is extremely important to formulate your own expectations and priorities accordingly. At the stage of consulting the company which is to carry out the order, it often turns out that the initial vision of the owner of the flat, when confronted with the realities of the construction market, is subject to deconstruction. Most often this involves reorganising the entire renovation. For example, the owner of the property may come to the conclusion that, in order to save some money from the budget, it is better to give up some (less important for him) facilities in favour of other – extremely important for the functionality of the house – solutions. A lengthy conversation with an adviser can help you reach the right conclusions.

What to look for when pricing a finish?

An extremely important issue in the initial stages of innovating a home renovation is the selection of appropriate materials. Betting on the highest quality elements will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and functional dwelling for many years. However, the higher the durability of the raw materials selected, the higher their price will also be. It is always worth extending the search until those with satisfactory parameters are found. There are many cost-effective finishing materials on the market which, apart from their interesting design, are also durable and practical. You should also strictly avoid hobbyists in the industry, who often refuse to provide a service already at the initial stage of cooperation, arguing that “this is impossible”. A professional will suggest the most cost-effective solution, but will leave the final decision on the work to be undertaken to the owner. Ask a hardware shop merchant for advice, for example, or find threads about this on specialist websites. It can often be useful, for example, to visit a forum about home finishing. Its users ask questions about how much the total amount of a given investment should be. It is an easy method of comparison that provides the investor with the necessary insight. In many cases, it’s also a good idea to take out a loan, as interior finishing is one of the most important investments before moving into a property – so you shouldn’t skimp on it. The better the materials and the higher the quality of the service, the longer the property will not need another renovation.


Taking into account the above issues, the most important thing in valuing the finishing of a flat is to choose the most advantageous services and materials, taking into account the available budget, as well as to bring the flat to the state in which it will be used in the shortest possible time. The most desirable situation is one in which the customer himself is aware of the details of the industry and thus chooses the most advantageous solution for himself. However, if he lacks knowledge and experience in this matter, it may be helpful to use the services of professionals. It is with them that the consultations and negotiations necessary to finalise the process should take place. In the latter, for example, it is useful to have a fresh perspective from an independent observer to assess the validity of the work undertaken.