What should I pay attention to when completing a turnkey flat?

What should I pay attention to when completing a turnkey flat?

There are many good ways to finish off a flat efficiently and beautifully. However, this is in most cases a time-consuming process, requiring a lot of work and… patience. Complex finishing services often involve a lot of noise and mess in the house. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom also usually excludes these rooms from use, which can pose a considerable problem for tenants in everyday life. (Mainly due to the lack of access to most sanitation facilities). It is therefore worth thinking about going on holiday or moving out to visit family while the work is being undertaken in your home. However, when working with professionals, the results you can expect on your return can be a real dream come true for your tenants!

What are the advantages of deciding to finish your flat yourself?

The decision to buy a flat in developer condition or one that is only suitable for a thorough renovation often stirs up some controversy. The vast majority of property buyers now prefer to move into a ready-made, finished property. Few people realise, however, that commissioning and carrying out a complete renovation of a secondary market flat on your own doesn’t have to be the more expensive option. The total cost of such an investment together with the purchase of the premises can be much lower than buying a ready-made turnkey property. The biggest advantage of such a decision is, above all, the possibility to furnish the interior step by step according to your own preferences. Sometimes a property has a lot of potential and renovation work for the construction team turns out to be a pleasure. To make a dwelling habitable, the first thing to do is to ensure that the design is appropriate and adapted to the needs of the occupants. Many companies offering turnkey flat finishing start their cooperation with the customer with a consultation and valuation. It is an element without which any work cannot move forward.

Complete furnishing of a flat – what measures should be taken?

Decorating a flat is usually preceded by a project with a professional company operating in the finishing industry. Given that the whole process can take up to several months, it is particularly worth focusing on careful pre-arrangements and proper planning. Most experienced companies that offer complete finishes present customers with ready-made packages that include specific works or a price list showing the cost of the service per square metre. This is a great option for people who don’t quite know what action to take in a room to make it functional. All the materials and fittings required for the orders are then ordered. Carrying out the renovation work is the most important stage of the order. This is when walls are painted, tiles installed, floors laid, lighting and smart home features installed. Any modifications are also made to the plumbing and electrics, making the flat more functional. Using ready-made packages will be the best solution for those who want a quick service. Last but not least, the furniture is put in and the rooms decorated. You can also count on this type of activities by making use of services of a hired company.

Before working with a professional interior design agency, you should first of all answer the question of what specific services you expect and to what extent they are to be carried out. It is also equally important to properly frame the budget you intend to allocate to the overall investment. A properly executed quote and design is almost half the battle in this regard. It is also extremely important what visual and practical effects are expected when a particular service is finalised. Good communication with the team can guarantee spectacular results and make the flat not only comfortable, but also tailored to our stylistic preferences.