How to design a small flat efficiently?

How to design a small flat efficiently?

Both couples and singles tend to choose smaller flats as their first home, which is obvious. A smaller area means a lower price, but in this case the design of the space can be somewhat more difficult due to the limited square footage. It is therefore necessary to be creative and carefully plan the whole arrangement so that the flat is functional and can meet all our needs.

Living room and kitchen – a subtle demarcation of spaces

In studios and smaller two-room flats, an important issue is the clever separation of the kitchen from the rest of the room, which serves as a living room and sometimes also as a bedroom if we do not have a second room. The boundary between the two parts of the flat should be marked quite clearly, but also subtly, so that the transition from one room to the other is smooth. The boundary line in the seating area can be, for example, a carpet of appropriate colour and size, within which there will be a sofa and a coffee table, and opposite them an RTV shelf with a TV set. A properly designed flat will also allow us to place a bookcase and other additional furniture and accessories in the living room. If, on the other hand, you want to clearly define the area of the kitchen, you can consider placing a kitchen island, which will emphasise the boundary of the room and make the space even more functional. If the size of the flat allows, it would be ideal to place a table with chairs between the living room and the kitchen. In this way, we would immediately have a ready-made dining room.

Designing a small bathroom – arranging for individual comfort

A bathroom in a block of flats, in addition to being located in a studio or two-room flat, also requires a particularly well-designed project, which will allow us to fit everything we need into it and thus properly rest and ensure relaxed hygiene every morning and evening. The bathroom will probably be the smallest room in the entire flat, so we should only focus on what we will actually need in our case. At the same time, it is not worth giving up certain items of equipment that could take up a little more space. If we have always loved long warm baths, the bathtub will be a priority in our case and we should not be afraid to choose it instead of a vertical shower cubicle. We can always arrange space for towels, cosmetics or household chemicals in the kitchen and in the room, and even, if conditions permit, we could arrange a small room in the flat for a storage space for cleaning products or the washing machine.


Any flat, regardless of its size, can be arranged stylishly and functionally. By entrusting the design and its implementation to experienced specialists, we can guarantee that the available space will be used in the best possible way. We just need to define our needs and expectations. Let’s think about what amenities our dream home should have and present them to the interior designer. They will take care of the rest.