How do you get the optimum cost for finishing a house?

How do you get the optimum cost for finishing a house?

When preparing a home interior design project, it is important to adapt it as much as possible to our needs, but unfortunately we must be aware that we will always be limited in some way, if not by budget, then because of space conditions. It is therefore important to strike the right balance between our expectations and real possibilities, so that the final effect gives maximum satisfaction and the budget does not absorb our resources completely.

Comfort, style and economy – home design you can save on

We all have a certain vision of our ideal home, but the price of achieving it can be too high. Glamour or modern classic finishes are not cheap, but investors often dream of them. It is worth remembering, however, that there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available, such as Scandinavian, vintage and modern arrangements, which are frugal and minimalist, while the corresponding furniture and accessories can be purchased at attractive prices. Renovated armchairs and sofas with new upholstery, which will give them a second life, as well as professionally renovated wardrobes and chests of drawers will also look great. When choosing your own style, it is important to consider the details involved in the finishes of individual pieces. We can save a lot of money by giving up one variant for another that looks just as good and is not a big burden on the wallet.

Furniture and floor finishes – what should be included in the design?

We have so many finishing elements of furniture, doors or floors on the market that we are able to easily choose the best price variants without lowering the quality of interior design. The fronts of kitchen cabinets and the surfaces of doors and furniture in rooms can be covered with artificial laminate, which can imitate the look of real wood really well. Much cheaper than veneer it will definitely reduce the overall cost of finishing the house. In addition, laminated veneer is very easy to keep clean, and its manufacturers have a lot of scope for choosing original patterns and shades. You get just as much freedom when it comes to kitchen worktop design. The best is of course made of stone, but even here we can find cheaper equivalents, such as wood or laminate. If properly impregnated, table tops made from this type of material will last for years. When it comes to flooring, traditional wooden tiles are increasingly being replaced by cheaper, but not inferior, vinyl panels. Resistant to scratches and other more serious damage, they perfectly imitate classic wood and do not cost too much.


There are indeed many ways to finish your home economically. Remember that every detail counts, so when creating a design, let’s analyse all those elements where more expensive variants can be replaced with cheaper equivalents. Of course, you can’t overdo it – the house is supposed to be, above all, functional and safe, so our choices as to the final shape of the project should be discussed with a specialist who will know best our expectations and financial possibilities.