Interior finishing – how to prepare?

Interior finishing – how to prepare?

When deciding to buy a property in a shell and core or development state, it is important to remember that this will not be the end of the expenses necessary to make the flat usable. How are they different? They are defined by the number of activities that have been carried out internally. Raw closed includes all stages of the works closing the “residential building in a block”. The property will already have all walls, windows and doors. In contrast to unfinished flats, developer ones usually include functional electrical installation, heating and comprehensive interior finishing. It is worth remembering that the developer’s state does not have a “uniform definition” and services depend on the provisions of the sales contract, which was drawn up with the developer. So what is worth paying attention to when buying?

Flat design – what should be included?

In order to carry out further work, it is necessary to take into account the elements that will be relevant during the implementation activities. Both the base and complementary design of the flat should be developed in constant collaboration with an experienced interior designer. Depending on the decision we have made to buy a property, we can hire a specialist ourselves, or we can use the additional services of a property development company. What skills should we require from a specialist? Above all, efficient project development. This involves the use of dedicated 3D graphics programs, so that the property owner will be able to imagine what their future home will look like. Increasingly, experts are choosing to create projects with the help of virtual reality, which makes it possible for the property purchaser to “move” into their own four walls. It is worth remembering that the work requires a lot of commitment on the part of the person carrying out the project, but also of the team of contractors involved, which is why it is worth asking a specialist to prepare additional documentation for the members of the renovation team, noting that a cost estimate for the services should be prepared before the work is undertaken.

Valuation of a flat finishing and other services

The development of the financial plan will depend on the decisions that were taken at the outset. Experts point out that buying a shell property is half the expense of making it fit for purpose. The other half includes the costs of all kinds of installations, including ventilation, heating, electricity and water and sewage. The companies have a wide range of services, which is associated with price diversity. Buying a residential property from a developer will involve higher costs than buying a shell flat, while commissioning renovation work depends not only on the size of the property but also on the package chosen. The services include, among other things, cleaning up after the construction work, waste disposal, design of the flat in 2D and 3D by a commissioned architect, and preparation of construction materials. In addition, the agency’s representative takes responsibility for, among other things, cooperation with the designer, supervision of the work of the construction crew, and sending reports to the customer on the progress of the renovation.

Course of work for complete interior finishing

Before deciding to buy, it is a good idea to make a proper discernment about the services that are included in the sales contract. In the case of developer flats, the company’s representative will take some of the responsibility on himself, so the owner will not have to worry about such elements as, among others, the valuation of the flat’s finishing or the supervision of contractors. On the other hand, buying a shell unit involves more commitment on the part of the buyer. The type of residential property purchased depends on the buyer’s preferences and investment plan, so making the final decision should be a personal choice. It is worth remembering that the success of the property development market lies in the individual approach to the customer.