Flat acceptance

Professional acceptance of a flat with a licenced inspector

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acceptance of a flat
with a licenced inspector

Specialised knowledge of building law and of building standards, as well as the ability to use this knowledge, are essential factors for the proper acceptance of a flat. This is also where the experience gained with similar collections comes into play. Such experience, appropriate knowledge and preparation are possessed by our specialists, who are duly authorised. They are also responsible for the professional support and acceptance of the flat.

How long does it take to collect a flat?

There are many important factors that influence the time it takes to collect your home. It depends on the size of the property in question, the verification affiliation, the defectiveness and also on the additional services requested by the customer. It takes up to 2 hours on average. During the acceptance of the flat, we focus on all the most important issues, making full use of the time devoted to this service.

The acceptance protocol
of a flat from the developer

The acceptance protocol is the basis when asking the developer to remove defects that were found during the acceptance of the flat. It is very important that the specialist detects all faults and records them.
This document should include:

  1. contract number and details of both parties
  2. a list of the defects found and their description
  3. additional information, e.g. handing over keys to the flat

Under the provisions, of the Development Act, the developer is obliged to refer to the defects in the protocol within 14 days. Defects found to be justified shall be rectified within 30 days.

What are we checking?
What does the acceptance look like?

  1. Checking verticality and curvature of walls,
  2. Verification of compliance with the arrangement,
  3. Measuring the curvature of the floor,
  4. Acceptance of windows and glass (adjustment, condition of seals, damages and scratches),
  5. Checking the completeness of equipment (thermostatic heads, diffusers, inserts, keys, etc.),
  6. Measurement of the power supply to electrical outlets,
  7. Checking the balcony/terrace (façade, balustrade, slopes),
  8. Acceptance of associated premises and parking spaces,
  9. Hand over the report and ensure that the defects are entered in the acceptance report.

What tools do we use?

We use specialised equipment to collect the flat:

  • a patch of the standard size 2m
  • crevice meters
  • cross laser
  • multimeter/phaser
  • rangefinder
  • standard protractor
  • anemometer
  • laser leveler

The equipment is continuously tested and calibrated so that no measurement is undermined.


What do you need
to know before accepting
the property from the developer?